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Where have all the trailbuilders gone?
(By Bob Karriker - LNS Park, Trail Boss)

Actually we are surrounded by trail projects. The Brushy Mountain Cycling Club to our north are hard at work on Corp of Engineer land to produce upwards of 35 + miles of trail. The Tarheel Trailblazers & Dirt Divas south of us continue to improve, expand and maintain the state of Mecklenburg county trails we have all probably enjoyed over the last ten years. The Blue Ridge Bike Club toils constantly to keep up with a tremendous amount of spectacular mountain trails both physically and politically. And to our east the list of hard working groups continues all the way to the Atlantic with clubs such as Uwarrie Mtn Bike Assoc and the North Raleigh Mtn Bike Association. This is just a small portion of the fine groups hard at work at the same bat time, same bat channel, each week. So, when you look around and it seems like you are there working to provide new or improved trail all by yourself, it's just an illusion. It's quite possible that if we could combine the fine trailworker folk all around this fine state, heck the whole USA (sorry gettin' carried away, but can't ya hear the music?), any trail we know could be lined end to end with workers with no room for a single user to squeeze by. It's tough work but, but Oooh so fulfilling. Trail users of all disciplines who do not participate in the working end of the activity they choose to enjoy are missing out on the greatest part of fun and friendship that is available to them. Keep up the good work Friends! As always I look forward to seeing ya in the woods next weekend.

LANO trailboss

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