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Catawba Trailwork Report
Saturday, April 3rd was a clear, cool day: perfect trail building weather for the 16 volunteers that helped constuct the new entry trail at HTFP, Historic Tuckasegee Ford Park (Catawba). Many new faces were welcomed! It's great to see so many new people getting into trail advocacy and trail building. We managed to finish all of our main objectives:

  • raked the entire trailbed and grubbed out stumps
  • moved the 12 foot bridge to its new location
  • benched the short steep section at the end of the trail into the sideslope of the hill

    The new trail winds down the hill with a few switchbacks and briefly joins the old trail before veering off through a rock garden and plunging down a descent to the new bridge location. There's a deep whoop after the bridge, and then a short, steep climb up to the powerline road, joining it a hundred feet or so past the dam. All that's left is to bench in a couple of short off-camber sections and the trail will be ready to open up. It's ridable now, so check it out soon. There's a logride that I'd like to see someone do! I'll probably be out there Thursday evening, April 8th, putting the finishing touches on some of those spots, if anyone wants to help.

    Thanks to all who helped out! I know the racers were off doing their thing at Tsali; hope that went well, too. We'll catch you next time!

    Later...... Frank Pietras

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