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24 Hours of Burn with the Dirt Divas
Congratulations to a successful 24 hour race for the Dirt Diva Team of Sharon Stetler, Edee Roland, Jennifer Dilworth, Sara Kneas and Trina Holt. Two weeks ago, when my wife first informed me, that she and some friends were doing the 24 hour race, I’ll admit I was a little concerned. Could I handle managing 5 women at once? I’ll be the first to admit maybe 2 or 3 but 5? When the team showed up to load themselves into the SouthPark Van the first thing I had to ask was, "How long were we staying?" They had all packed enough to be gone a week and we were only going to be gone for about 30 hours. We sorted thru a few things and once we concluded that all 5 women did indeed need separate shampoos, we hit the road. We arrived at the venue, setup camp and attended the rider meeting and ceremonial ribbon cutting for the newly built trail. Before we knew it, it was start time. Our fearless crew of 5 was the only all female team, so were joined with the co-ed class. From this point there became an objective for the team. Not to be the last “co-ed” team and to beat some of the all male teams. The trail was a 6 mile loop with some steep climbs in the beginning and a nice long downhill to complete. Partially mechanically built, the trail was super buff and had some nice downhill switchbacks. These women were determined. 1 lap after another, not missing a beat in the transition area until 27 laps and over 162 miles had been covered. To be quite honest our outing went quite flawless. Our women always had someone out on the course and their bikes ran practically flawless. Everyone had a great time and there was no bloodshed. They beat some of the co-eds and some of the all men's teams. The women’s feeling of accomplishment was great. Thanks to Scott Hubbs and Brian Hynes for helping keep the women satisfied. It's hard to keep track of 5 women and Brian did an awesome job. From tracking splits to making sure every transition went off smoothly, he definitely deserves some congrats for helping keeping the crew going especially in the middle of the night. I thinks it's safe to say we all had a great time.

Just want to say thanks to Tyler Benedict of Source Burn for a great event. This was a new venue for the endurance mountain bike race and was a great place. I loof forward to the event next year and will plan on running solo myself. Also a thanks to the Brushy Mountain Cycling Club for their hard work on the trail.

Bart Stetler

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