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October 2nd is Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
Open your calendar and clear a few hours on Saturday, October 2nd, for
National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

It's pretty simple: find a kid, get them a bike and helmet, select a route
and go for a ride! If you are involved with a cycling club, organize a kids
event. The key is to make it fun so kids are psyched to ride again.

Childhood obesity in the United States has reached an all-time high. Experts
say that the current generation of U.S. children could actually have a
shorter life expectancy than their parents. IMBA believes mountain biking
can help reverse this trend. We need your help to get kids back on bikes.

IMBA National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day celebrates the life of Jack
Doub, an avid teenage mountain biker from North Carolina who passed away in
2002. Funding is provided by the Jack Doub Memorial Endowment, Schwinn
Bicycles and the Goldsmith-Greenfield Foundation.

Visit for tips on how you can get involved.

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