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IMBA/B.O.B. Trailer Trailwork
2004 National Public Lands Day Features IMBA/B.O.B. Trailer Trailwork

IMBA-affiliated clubs across the U.S. are encouraged to schedule volunteer
projects for National Public Lands Day and enter the IMBA/B.O.B. Trailer
Trailwork Challenge. This one-day celebration of public land will be held
Saturday, Sept. 18, 2004.

Register your project on the IMBA website. We'll record your club's
contribution to the nationwide effort and enter your group in a drawing for a
B.O.B. IBEX Suspension Trailer with trailwork tool racks ($500 retail).

Whether it's new trail construction or routine maintenance, involving your
group in National Public Lands Day will help solidify mountain biking's
prominent position in the trails community. Trailwork projects that involve
other trail groups or creative partnerships with the public/private sector
are encouraged. IMBA is proud to be a member of the coalition promoting
National Public Lands Day.

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