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Bulldozers at Catawba
What we are currently witnessing at Catawba, is the Geotechnical Investigation. The Geotech, Wright Padget Christopher is on site drilling core samples in the areas that are to be developed by the future white water park. To perform their task, the contractor must clear areas for their equipment to get to the future building locations, ponds, etc.

The geotechnical investigator is a friend of former Trailblazer President, Jeff Smith. Jeff assures us that the contractor is aware of the existing trails, and has promised to do as little damage as possible. Crews should be out there for a few more weeks and then things will quiet down for a few months. Actual construction of the park is not scheduled to begin until later in the year.

We have been aware of the purposed white water park for some time now, so the excavation is not a surprise. We will lose portions of the trail system at Catawba, but we are looking at working closely with the contractors and park management to minimize impact and to re-route lost trail.

If you consider the location of Catawba, at the intersection of I-85 and the new I-485, park development to include the white water park is a much better option than the possibility of yet another Wal-Mart to be constructed on what is considered to be a valuable piece of property.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as we wade through this issue.

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