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Request for your help - dangerous driver
Fellow Cyclists,

Over the past 2-3 weeks I have encountered a problem driver on Ridge Rd and
Kendrick Rd. which are two of the more popular roads we ride on in South
Carolina. This man is travelling towards Clover SC on these two roads
between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm every evening. He drives a work truck with a
white cab with a flat front, where the seat is directly over the engine
compartment. It has mirrors that stick way out to the sides like those used
when you pull a trailer. The bed of the truck is painted Safety Yellow(like
the yellow road signs) and is the type that has tool compartments around the
wheel wells. There are some green gas tanks in the bed of the truck
(acetylyne maybe?) and what appears to be a blue colored welder.

This person has made a game of seeing how close he can get his truck to
myself and my wife as he passes going the same direction. This has happened
4 times in the last 2-3 weeks. Last night we were headed South on Kendrick
Rd, going towards Ridge on the Wednesday night Route, he pulled up beside
us just before the bridge at the bottom of the hill, blasted his horn (which
has a high pitch like a Japanese car) and swerved into us. We had to ride
off the road into the ditch to avoid being hit.

There has not been any other traffic around when this guy has done this and
it is clearly intentional.

This man is doing this repeatedly and getting a little closer each time.

I have filed a Police Report with the York Conuty Seriff's Office regarding
these incidents. I really need a license number so they can go after this

Please be on the lookout for this vehicle. If you see it while you're
riding be alert and try to get a license number or company name from the
side of the truck.

If you have had a similar incident or can provide any information please
contact me and the York County SC Sheriff's Office. This person needs to be
taken off the road before he kills someone.

Thanks for your help

Bill Gintert
D: 704-391-5142
E: 704-853-8986

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