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Catawba Sendoff Recap
Catawba has been “sent off” with a final bash to remember one of our finest trails. The Catawba Send-Off was the brainchild of our local mountain biking clubs, The Tarheel Trailblazers and the Dirt Divas. As the construction date nears for the new whitewater park, we began to realize that our days were numbered. Regardless of what form the trails take after the park is completed, or what trails might be open to us during the construction, we realized that what we all know as “Catawba” is fast coming to a close. We didn’t want it to just slip away, so we decided to get everyone together to celebrate the trails one last time.

Once the idea was hatched, a lot of good people from both of the clubs started working on the planning and input. We set out what we wanted the event to be, found a date that worked best, put together flyers and agreed on who would contact shops, media etc, and gather up supplies. One last supply convoy to Costco (hot dogs…so many hot dogs….) and we were set. We thought. At the last minute, second thoughts on how much food. Do we get stuck with leftovers, or do we run out? We broke down and picked up a few more burgers and dogs just in case. Turned out to be a wise move, we depleted just about everything, a lot of it well before the end of the day, and a whole pile of Milk Bones for our four legged friends.

Oops! These things never go off without something to throw a wrench into it. We forgot about the college race series out there. Oh well, no other dates will really work for us, so we’ll have to coexist. The race hosts from USC Cycling were very gracious in helping make sure we wouldn’t have any issues there. We agreed to do some extra signage to help minimize any trail conflicts (we wouldn’t want anyone riding into the downhill course) and we even welcomed a few of their hungry soles into our circle.

At first we had more people stopping by with donations of cookies and brownies than we did anyone coming in for chow. Hmm. Did we oversupply after all? Isn’t anyone coming out? It started picking up though, and it wasn’t long before we were concerned that we couldn’t keep up with the charcoal grills. Ultimate/Bike Sport came through with the loan of a gas grill, and we worked it non-stop until the food was gone. A little dirt devil blew through and flipped one of the tents into the trees but no harm done. At 4:00 we still had a lot of people hanging around and grabbing leftover snacks and draining the coolers. We started packing up about 5:00, tired but happy that it had been such a great turnout and hearing all of the positive comments about the clubs. We answered questions about the future of Catawba as best we could but obviously a lot remains up in the air right now.

Not a bad day for the Trailblazers, we picked up three new members, many promises to renew memberships and get involved in trail work and projects, and even moved a few t-shirts. Lots of folks asking about the Dirt Divas too, and expressing interest in both clubs. Let’s take all this energy and keep it going for another year for both clubs!

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