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Lake Norman Phase II - Update
I hope that all of you folks out there had a wonderful Holiday Season with your families and friends. I look forward to seeing you all and hearing your stories as we continue on with trail work in '04 .

The loop in Phase II is going well. The exact mileage roll out is 2.5 miles, which will give the Itusi a upcoming 6.5 mile total when completed this Spring. We will continue to flag and prep more new trail in other areas to increase mileage to meet our final goal of 10 plus miles. There is still much work to do in Phase II before we can declare it complete and ready for inspection. The current plan is to work on detailing, "tweaking", "pimpin" the loop in a counterclockwise direction; skipping nothing but special small projects till the loop is completely finished. This will consist mostly of debris dispersion, duff breakdown along the edge of the trail to allow for proper drainage, filling holes near trail tread, and grooming tread soil. Special projects will include the bridges, working out dip transitions, small culvert crossings, rock armoring / transporting, grade dips and at least one switchback turn. I will begin marking the project locations and tasks with orange flags with instructions / descriptions.

This work will move along very slowly due to the attention to detail it requires to complete. The only way to speed this work up will be to increase the number of workers. Folks, when we few come walking out of the trail after giving up a perfectly good ride day to see the parking full of people enjoying the riding our labor provides; we are elated and proud. But the truth is we trail workers are greatly out numbered by the trail users. We really want and need your help this winter to complete the work at hand. We can have more trail to enjoy riding, together. The volunteers appreciate hearing all the kind words about the trail, come out and pitch in and get on the receiving end of the praise. I sincerely look forward to seeing ya' out in the woods soon !

Trail Boss
Bob Carriker

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