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Rate Your Riding for the 2004 IMBA Report Card
Voting is Open

Get out and vote...for the IMBA Report Card, that is. IMBA is asking mountain bikers everywhere to get into the spirit of this election year, visit and rate your state or region for the 2004 IMBA Report Card.

The Report Card provides an annual analysis of mountain bike access and advocacy progress for U.S. states, Canadian provinces and other countries. In addition to a letter grade - A, B, C, D or F - each area's singletrack riding opportunities and threats are summarized. Grades are based on a number of factors: singletrack access, land manager relationships, partnerships with other trail user groups and the long-term outlook for mountain biking.

"It really helps us to have mountain bikers everywhere participate in the IMBA Report Card grading process," said IMBA advocacy manager Dan Vardamis. "It gives us a great perspective about places that are doing well, and helps us focus energy on locales that need help. Plus, it's fun to see how your area does versus the rest of the world."

This is the fifth year of the IMBA Report Card. Arizona and British Columbia earned the top marks in the 2003 Report Card, both receiving A-grades. Arizona earned its mark with a cool statewide trail network, success in urban areas and the re-opening of Saguaro National Park to mountain bikers. British Columbia boasted outstanding freeriding, abundant trails and exceptional mountain biking clubs and culture.

Online voting is combined with input from IMBA staff, reps and local club leaders to determine final grades. Mountain bikers are invited to grade their home area on IMBA's website during October.

At the end of the polling period, IMBA will tally the results and provide a detailed analysis in a special edition of IMBA Trail News.

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