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Night Riding and Itusi Phase III
Calling all Volunteers:

Hey everybody!

It is getting to be that time of year again. The trail corridor for Phase III has been approved and it is time to commence construction.

We will start on Saturday October 30th and work each Saturday and Sunday thereafter. We will meet at about 8:30 but volunteers can come when it is convenient. We will generally work until about 2:00 (unless your name is Bob and then you are required to put in your full 8 hour shift!).

This section should be at least 5-6 miles and will be through some very scenic areas. The trail will connect from the Phase I trail where it crosses the park road on the way back to the parking lot. We will hang a right over the car bridge and another right into the woods. To keep from having to walk so far, and to keep errant riders from using the trail prematurely, we will be starting onthe far end of the trail first.

Just follow the park road past the trail parking lot to St. Johns road, take a right and look for the first gated dirt road on the right. The gate will have a combination lock. Please get up with Bob Karriker or Ranger Hyde for access. We will be parking there and beginning construction on that side of the trail.

As a bonus for all the volunteers, we will begin a regular schedule of night rides at the Itusi Trail. Here are the particulars:

-We will begin Tuesday, November 2 and ontinue to ride the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

-The rides will be for volunteers only. This is one of the benefits for volunteering. If you haven't worked yet, now you have another reason.

-You must have a light, of at least 4 watts, and a helmet.

-We will meet at the trail head NO LATER THAN 6:30, do not come late.

The ride will be tightly regulated and you will have to sign in and out. This is something that the park staff is doing for us voluntarily and we need to make it as easy as possible on them. The park gate locks at 6 P.M.; please try to arrive by that time. If you are unable to, a Ranger will check the gate for late arrivers around 6:30. Anyone arriving after that time will not be allowed to ride. All riders must begin and end the ride together. If a rider needs to leave for an emergency they msut contact the Park Ranger to leave the park.

If the trail has been closed during the day, there will be no ride. Ranger Hyde has mentioned using these days as a possible time to learn CPR and other skills that may be useful out on the trail, especially if we begin Mountain Bike Patrol.

Let's try to make the as simple as possible. The rangers are taking time out of their hectic schedules to do this for us. Please use common sense and courtesy when taking advantage of the opportunity provided for us.

And lastly, this does not give us a right to ride the trail at night at any other time. Night riding will only be available at the scheduled times.

Thanks and hope to see you out on the trail.

Jeff Archer
First Flight Bicycles
216 S. Center St.
Statesville, NC 28677

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