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Itusi Night Rides and Trail Construction
Hey guys

We finally had our first night ride at the Itusi Trail last Tuesday. It
really is a fantastic trail at night and as a bonus we rode one lap
backwards which changes it even more. The night rides will be the first
and third Tuesdays through the end of the year and then the schedule may
change going into January. The night rides are a benefit of volunteering at
the trail and it is the only time that we are allowed to ride the trail at

Phase III construction has begun. This is an very nice chunk of woods that
we are working in right now. Bob has done a great job of laying it out, you
can already feel the "flow" of the trail. We work every Saturday and Sunday
starting at about 8:30. We are now parking off of St. Johns Road now. Just
follow the park road past the trail parking lot and St. Johns road will be
on your right. You will pass through a park gate right after you turn and
just as you are losing sight of the gate in your rear-view mirror there will
be a gate on your right. It leads to an old homestead area where we can
park. If it has rained too much, we will park outside the gate.

Now for the plea: there has only been 2-3 people each day at the trail. It
will take 3 years to complete this phase with that many people. We really
need to get a few more of you guys out there. This is the most fun part of
construction. You really get a sense of accomplishment when you are
clearing the corridor. I know everyone is busy (as are the folks who have
been working) but we need to get some more help. Even if you just set aside
your ride time once a month, it would be a great help. We can make sure you
get a workout to replace the ride!!

Last Sunday as I entered the park, there were 2 cars leaving the park with
bikes on the roofs. The trail was closed and they were already at the
trail, but still didn't help. I just don't understand. Bob went to the
trail head last weekend to try and talk to riders but said he pulled into
the parking lot and couldn't even get out of the truck. It is
extraordinarily discouraging for the regular volunteers to not see any new

See ya in the woods
Jeff Archer
First Flight Bicycles
216 S. Center St.
Statesville, NC 28677
Always looking for vintage mountain bikes/parts/literature

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