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IMBA Singletrack Update - December 2004
(Paraphrased from the IMBA Singletrack Update)

Here in the Rocky Mountains winter has arrived, with sub-freezing
temperatures and enough snow that local mountain bikers have stored the bikes
for a few weeks in favor of cross country skis. Meanwhile, in the southern
U.S. and other parts of the world, this is the best time to hit the trails.
At IMBA things are as busy as ever, as many of our affiliated clubs
do much of their advocacy and trailwork in the winter when it doesn't
conflict with prime riding season. In this issue of the IMBA Singletrack
Update, we'll let you know about some key happenings in the mountain bike
advocacy and trailbuilding world. If you don't want to receive this update,
and would like to be removed from IMBA's email list, simply email with a subject line REMOVE.

Happy Holidays,

The IMBA Team



The brand new Little River Trail near Durham, N.C. is opening this Sunday,
Dec. 5 and you're invited to be one of the first to ride it! The trail,
located in the Little River Regional Park, approximately 12 miles north of
Durham, is only for mountain bikes. The Durham Orange Mountain Bike
Organization (DOMBO) meticulously built this 6.5-mile singletrack to IMBA
guidelines during the past two years. "This is the first trail in the area
designed from the ground up as a sustainable trail," said DOMBO trail
construction coordinator Stewart Bryan. The trail features rolling
singletrack for intermediate riders, and tighter, more technical sections for
advanced cyclists. More info:


This trail isn't completed yet, but we're so stoked about it we decided to
include it anyhow. Using info from the IMBA Freeride Guide, the Roswell
Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization (try saying that ten times fast) - or
RAMBO as they are more commonly known - put together a stellar proposal for a
new freeride park. "We have the unique opportunity to build and maintain the
first true freeride area in the state of Georgia that is in partnership with
the land owner," said club president Bob Grieco. Construction on the park is
taking place throughout the winter. Get involved at:

And just for fun…


Could indoor mountain biking be the next big thing? If the popularity of
indoor rock climbing and skateboarding is any indication, the answer is a
resounding yes. Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park, brainchild of Cleveland
mountain biker Ray Petro, is built inside a 66,000 square foot warehouse. The
park offers plenty of stunts, jumps and ladder bridges to freeriders.
It also has beginner and intermediate trails for cross-country riders to get
in a few miles of riding during the ice-cold Cleveland winters. The park has
a cool vibe, with music playing, pine trees painted on the walls and seats
made of stumps. The park opened for use at the end of November, following a
grassroots construction effort by mountain bike enthusiasts thoughout the
Cleveland area. More info:

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