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Man of La Ruta
Those of you that attended the December Trailblazer meeting met Rich Dillen, a local bike messanger...But Rich is so much more, as his journey in the world's toughest mountain bike race (aboard a single speed no less) proves...In his own words:

After the finish line:

I have four voices in my head that speak to me all day long simultaneously. They all sound like me, and they never stop. After the finish the analytical voice said “What was my finish time? How did I place?” The irresponsible voice shouted “Where’s the beer? Don’t tell me I rode that far and I ain’t drinking.” That is a common theme for the irresponsible voice. The third voice in my head just says “WOOHOO!” all the time. At the finish line it was no different. It’s been woohooing since the day I was born and it has never shut up. The fourth voice is quiet. The voice of reason is speechless. I was not sure what to do exactly so I walked out on the beach and cried.

(For the entire journey, visit the link below)

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