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Meeting a Legend
You was just one of those normal Saturday mornings. Ed, Mike and I were working out a couple of turns at Fisher Farm trying to get them to flow right and then there was a light on the horizon. A glimmering light.......Naw, it wasn't like that. Barbara Riter, one of my fine trail crew, came walking from the field with her son, Mike Riter. No folks, I didn't stutter...THE Mike Riter, Trail Builder Extrodinaire.
We sat and talked for a long time. He talked about some trails he's worked on down in Georgia and some of his experiences. We talked about the local MTB and trail scene, Fisher Farm, etc. He even went as far to help with some suggestions on our problem turns we working on. WOW! Mike's just a regular guy like the rest of us Trail Gnome's. It was a real treat to be able to just hang out and talk shop with him. And a real treat to have him come and see the trails, too. It was an experience We'll always remember.

Mark Sullivan

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