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IMBA Trail School Weekend/LNSP
Well...I don't know about y'all, but I had a blast this weekend at the IMBA Trail School at LNSP. Many thanks to Bob Karriker, Jeff Archer and Larry Hyde (THE park ranger) for hosting and coordinating this weekend. Also many thanks to the TCC of Chris and Jill for coming to this area once again. For all who missed Friday and Saturday...well y'all missed working with some mechanized equipment. They had on hand a Ditch Witch mini-skid steerer, a Toro Dingo and a midsized excavater. POWER TOOLS ! ;D Bob was able to take care of some water drainage issues with the Ditch Witch on Saturday as well as adding some rock armoring and rock chokes to slow inexperienced riders down. Thanks to all the club members that braved the cold to come out, too. At least have attending the school were club members.
A personal thanks to Chris and Jill for setting some time aside to come and visit Fisher Farm Park. Director of Davidson Park and Rec. Steve Fraher met all attending at the park as we took the "Grand Tour". I'm very pleased to report that the trails got lots of compliments from the TCC as well as some great suggestions!
Pictures to come very soon. Stay posted...


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