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Vance Price Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident
From and email received this morning:

Hi all, 4:30 am here and I just left Vance Price in the ICU at CMC. Janet's sister and dad had just arrived and we had a hard night as Vance had a motorcycle accident at 8pm and sustained multiple injuries, leaving him fighting for life. Many fractures including several spinal, and bruising of lungs and brain. The prognosis is guardedly real trauma to the spinal cord...he was mighty lucky. But he did not look like our Vance. Janet held up really well, they both are strong people, but could use our prayers and positive thoughts in the coming days. The fact he is so strong is in his favor, but he has a hard road ahead of him. I hope they have some help on hand when he wakes up this morning and tries to climb out of that bed.

Update 11:30 AM

Accident happened on Vance's way home from work last night around 8:00 pm. He laid the bike down and skidded (maybe under a vehicle). Not sure if he was involved in the initial accident or if he just rounded a turn and was confronted by something already in progress.

He is in the Trauma/ICU unit at CMC hospital.

At last word, his vital signs were stable.

He has a small bruise on his brain. there will be more tests reqd. to determine the seriousness.

Both lungs are bruised and He is on a respirator.

He has numerous fractures: Ribs, neck, and maybe a knee.

There are no signs of internal bleeding.

He has a lower back bone that has been compressed.

His spinal cord is intact and I think I heard that he is able to move. I realize that statement is vague.

There is a CT scan scheduled for 10:00 am today.

Since he is in ICU, we can not send flowers or anything at this point in time.

Janet's sister and Dad are with her, and may our prays be too!

12:45 PM

The ct scan has revealed no serious head injuries. Right now Vance can only get four 15 minute visits a day, so those are pretty much restricted to family. Janet is headed home to rest and bathe and then return to CMC, but she will welcome any friends who want to visit her outside the ICU. A fruit basket from "Their Cycling Friends" will include the wishes of all.

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