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IMBA Trail Grants Available
In 2005, a variety of IMBA cash grants are available to groups seeking to
jump-start their trail improvement projects (listed below). Visit for details.

Kona/IMBA Freeriding Grants: IMBA-affiliated groups in North America can
apply for seven $1,000 awards to support the development of freeriding,
downhilling, and dirt jumping projects. The application deadline is May 1,

NORBA/IMBA Trail Tune-Up Grants: Now in its seventh year, NORBA/IMBA Trail
Tune-Up Grants fund projects that create or improve trails used for mountain
bike racing. The $500 grants can also be used to improve trails for race
training and recreational riding, but race courses receive the highest
consideration. Applications are due by June 1, 2005.

IMBA/CLIF Bar Trail Preservation Grants: IMBA-affiliated clubs are invited
to apply for $500 cash grants to support trail restoration and preservation
work. Projects must promote environmental education and inspire conservation
in the mountain biking community. Forty grants totaling $20,000 have been
distributed since the IMBA/CLIF Bar Trail Preservation Grants program was
established in 2001. The application deadline is July 1, 2005.

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