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Trailwork Report / Schedule
The Trailblazers kicked off the Fall 2002 trail building season with a bang! About 18 people came out and helped get the new 1/2 mile loop started. Everyone worked hard, and after about 2 1/2 hours, realized how strenuous it is to grub (dig out) the roots and all of brush and trees that are in the trailbed. The benefits were immediately apparent though, because when we walked back and saw the trail, it was basically ready to ride. It will take about two more sessions like the first one, and it should be done! We postponed the close down / reclaiming of the Heinous hill until Nov. 24th when Brian M. can be there and share what he learned at the Springs IMBA Trail School.

Speaking of IMBA trail schools, there is one taking place this weekend in Wilkes County, which is only about an hour and fifteen minutes away! Anyone can attend. I'm going on Saturday and Bob K. will be there all weekend. If you want to go, it's FREE. Contact me and we can carpool up there, or I can forward details / directions to you. We'll leave Charlotte about 8:30 am. Let's go and learn from the best so we can continue to make our trails the best!

Sunday the 17th will be our first club trip to do trailwork at Lake Norman State Park. We'll need to leave about 7:30 am to meet in the parking lot at 8:30. Take I-77 North to exit 42 (Troutman) and follow the brown and white signs to the park. Park in the first swimming / bathhouse parking lot on the left. If anyone wants to caravan, send me an e-mail and we'll decide where to meet. Bring the regular trailwork gear and water. If you have not seen the place yet, you will be amazed at the pristine nature of these woods. It will soon be one of the best trails in the region. Come be a part of it!

Sounds like a busy trail weekend, but what the hell! That's what we do, right?

Thanks for reading this and we'll see you out there. Frank Pietras (your new Prez)

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