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The Future Is Bright!
Jeff Smith informs us that the City of Mount Holly has agreed to a lease for the property owned by the City of Gastonia and Managed by the Forestry Service (6/13). Part of the agreement is to have the Trailblazers build and maintain the trails. At this time, no formal agreement has been made between Mt. Holly and the Trailblazers, but that should be forthcoming very soon.

Once we are in agreement with Mt. Holly, we can begin to map out trails and develop budgets.

Thanks to Jeff, Ray Broome, Frankie Pietras, Kim and David Rodden and all who have contributed to the Mount Holly effort.

As has been bantered around on the General Board, the June 14th presentation to the Park and Rec commissioners went extremely well, better than any of the 14 or so that attended, could have dreamed. The term "model volunteer organization" has to go a long way when it comes directly from one of the commissioners, especially when Catawba falls under his jurisdiction!

All feedback, both in the meeting and during conversation in the hallway following the presentation was very positive. Looks like we have met the right people, and in particular, Greg Jackson – a fellow mountain biker and park staff employee, who introduced us to the commissioners. Kudos for Jim Grover who found the right man for the introduction!

Chris Fernandez did an awesome job with his PowerPoint presentation and playing of Dolby's promotional video. It appeared many of the commissioners were in awe of the preparation and professionalism of our group.

The future is bright!

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