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Beatty Race Posponed!
WOW, The heat is on!

After riding at Orr Rd Business Park tonight in the amazingly hot weather, I came home to found out tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter and more humid. I called several of our regulars in the mountain bike series to get input and came to the conclusion that we should postpone the mountain bike race. I know some of you are tough but tomorrow's heat is dangerous. Riding for an hour in a 100+ degree weather is one thing, but to race and really push your body hard in this kind of weather could be detrimental to your health. The last thing we need is someone having a heat stroke during the race.

Please help me spread the word, tomorrow?s race at Col Francis Beatty is postponed. Sorry desert dwellers, I know you were looking forward to in this crazy heat.

Please help spread the word.



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