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A Word From the 2006 Presidential Nominee
I feel that the Trailblazers currently stand at a crossroads. We need a new infusion of strong leadership. New blood. We need strong guidance and direction to keep the club gaining momentum, staying and plotting the course. We have many MAJOR projects on the horizon. These include but are not limited to:

1) The re-opening and reconnection of Catawba
2) Construction of trails at Mount Holly
3) Acquiring 250 park acres for new trails in the northeast side of Charlotte
4) Construction of a new 1 mile short track in Harrisburg
5) Phase II trail expansion in Davidson at Fisher Farm Park
6) Phase III trail expansion at LNSP (Itusi)
7) Construction of trails at Elon Children's Home
8) Lend guidance and assistance to a group in Salisbury who have 200+ acres for development
9) Construct an advanced skill trails in Huntersville (possible Freeride?)
10) Plus the on-going maintenance of Renni, Col Beatty and N. Meck

Strong leadership and the ability to place the proper people in the proper spot will be key. As many of you know, I live in Huntersville, and I work in Mooresville. The distance makes it difficult to make meetings in downtown Charlotte w/P&R. I will be a delegator, and administrator. I can’t afford nor do I intend to micromanage each and every aspect of the club, but I will rely on you the responsible members of the Trailblazers to keep me abreast of the issues.

We are going to step up and run the club properly. We will have a budget to abide by. We will be actively pursuing grants, fundraisers, and other sources of income for the club. We will expand current and create new committees.

And here’s the deal: EVERYONE, male or female has something they can contribute to the club. No matter how small and insignificant it may seem, there are holes to be filled. I will be asking each individual to step up and double/triple/quadruple their efforts over the next 12 – 18 months.

We all hear the excuse that if “I work on the trail, when can I ride?” Just think for a minute: How did that trail get there in the first place? Who made the sacrifice of their ride time to give YOU a place to ride. These trails didn’t just fall like manna from heaven. Volunteers, which is what each and everyone of us are, make all this happen. Step up, take charge, leave a legacy behind for the next generation…

I’m constantly asked: “What will the club do for me?” Paraphrasing a leader that has gone before us, “Ask not what the club can do for you, ask what you can do for the club”.

Tom Mathews - Nominated President, 2006

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