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UMBA Trail Days
Hi everyone!

Thanks for your past interest in and support of UMBA's trail development efforts in the Uwharries. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to invite you to join us for a trail care day. We'll be out on November 20th and December 4th, weather permitting. We had planned to get out November 13th, but just couldn't get our schedules to jive. Visit the for more details. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you haven't heard, the USFS is in the process of revising it's Forest Plan for the Uwharrie National Forest. Several of us have been attending the meetings and are doing our best to make sure that the "desired
conditions" for mountain biking in the Uwharries are kept on the table. Among the "desired conditions" we're pushing are: completion of the planned Wood Run MTB Trail System and "improved" camping facilities near the MTB trails. Check the UMBA message board for more details as they develop.

If you can join us for a little trail work and a little more riding, please do! If you can't make it, we understand and will accept good vibes instead.

Have a great day!

Don Childrey

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