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USNWC Update
Trail Coordinator, Frankie Pietras has been busy laying out the route for the new connector trails at the USNWC. Sounds like Frankie is excited to be back out in the woods at Catawba…Look for more updates and information on the start of the re-connection process in the very near future…The current plan will call for three independent teams to work three sections, simultaneously…

Several individuals have already expressed interest in helping our with the process, and you’ll be hearing from us soon…As always, if you’re interested in being involved in the process, please contact me at:

From Frankie:

“I've been out to the USNWC 4 times now since April 11th, doing trail scouting. So far I have flagged:

1) The potential trail corridor from the proposed kiosk site near the parking area down to the spot where they want us to pop out next to the channel.

2) also from the "pinch" area between the river and the WWC back up to where we would connect back into the Trail of Joy. *Note this area has dramatic side slope and large trees similar to the New Point Trail!

3) From the spot where we would re-enter the woods after riding along the lower channel, I made it about halfway to the point of where we would re-connect to the old trail near the Figure Eight. * We are going to have to re-visit the Heinous Hill again. I have done my best to switchback down it as best I could.

On Tuesday, I met with Michael Williams (project architect) on-site for the first time since our initial tour. We looked at the switchback down the Heinous and the "creek" crossing below their big dam. This is where we once had a bridge that is now gone. We discussed the need to replace that bridge and the possible need for a second one if we cannot ride across the little "dam" that holds the containment pond below the big dam. I suggested that they try to do "utility pole" bridges like at North Meck due to the relative ease of access for the pole-carrying vehicles. (Doug S. has always endorsed that type of bridge when appropriate due to their simplicity once the poles are put in place.) Michael said Duke Power would be setting light poles soon and he would try to see if they could set poles for the bridges at the same time.

It appears that the original plan to run the trail up the slope of the amphitheater that overlooks the competition channel has been put on the back burner for now. The logistics of getting back down to the trail from up there has created issues that I don't think they are ready to deal with yet. So the primary trail for connecting to the Figure Eight will be just inside the wood line on the north side of the WWP.”

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