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Trial of Bus Driver
Hello Cycling Friends...

Todd's brother, Mark Weaver, shared some important information with me and I want to pass it along to the club members.

Peter Gilchrist, Charlotte- Mecklenburg's district attorney, commented that the many letters he received concerning Todd Weaver
really made an impression on him. He really views Todd as a special person who made a difference as a father and friend to all in the
community. Your letters made a difference!!

The trial for the prosecution of Jerry Miller, the CATS bus driver, is scheduled for the afternoon session on June 1. Most importantly,
all cyclists are encouraged to attend the trial. Our presence will demonstrate that cyclists have a right to share the road. The
outcome of this case will set a precedent for punishment of motorists' selfish actions toward cyclists.

If the driver gets off with no jail time a precedent will be set: A cyclists is a mere speed bump in the road!

That session starts at 1:30pm on June 1st. The time the actual trial starts depends on how the schedule plays out that day.

Room #2203 – Judge Moore
District Courts Building
700 E. Fourth Street.

The courthouse is on the other side of the fountains from the City-County Government Building. The doors are on the side of the
building, facing the courtyard.

Please note that all this is subject to change as late of the day of the trial.

Let's show we care! Please pass this information on. Laura

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