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Anne Springs membership fee?
The administration of the Anne Springs Close Greenway is attempting to set a $160 non-resident and $60 resident membership fee to ride the mountain bike trail system. The Anne Springs Close Greenway, located in Ft Mill, SC, is a beautiful park-like area consisting of 2,300 acres of multi-use recreational mountain bike trails, horseback riding, and hiking trails. Weather you ride the Greenway or not and weather you consider yourself a mountain biker or not, it's our job to be a voice for the cycling community.

To make a really long story short, the Greenway is private property but has received federal funding for multi-use trails, which includes mountain biking. There have also been many many hours of volunteer work completed at the Greenway by local club members, including a recent IMBA trail school with the Tarheel Trailblazers and the Dirt Divas. There have been issues over the past years with the heavy use of the trails. The trails are predominantly used by mountain bikers.

We were told this fee change has nothing to do with trying to "run off" mtn bikers, even though a large percentage of the mountain biking community feels that is their is intent. They're aware of the heavy mtn bike use and say they welcome the riders. The problem is that the heavy use hasn't translated into heavy payments. They cited examples of counting 50 cars with NC plates in the lots, but finding about $20 in the fee boxes at the end of the day. Clearly, massive trail poaching going on here, and they've been trying for a long long time (they say) to figure out a way to end the problem. They also believe that for the most part the members of local bike clubs aren't the main source of this problem. That being said, it all led to this annual fee concept that everyone, resident or non-resident, will have to pay.

We have compiled a letter and placed it on several of the popular local mountain bike websites. PLEASE, take 30 seconds and $.37, download the letter and send it to the Greenway administration. The letter is in PDF format. All you have to do is download the letter, sign it, and drop it in the mail.

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