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Car Break-in at USNWC
Forwarded from a fellow rider...Heed his warning...

I thought I would spread this disturbing news to you and you may decide to send this out to the trailblazers as a warning. Last Thursday 12-7-06 at 3:00 PM, I was riding at USNWC with 3 other guys for roughly 1 hour. In the time we were on the trail, my Expedition was broken into and a single credit card was stolen out of my wallet, which had been hidden in the center console. The perpetrator used a screwdriver of similar device and jammed it into the lock on the driver side door, breaking the lock and gained access to the SUV which has an alarm that was armed. In addition, when we left the parking lot for the trails… there were people around. We parked close to the bathrooms on the back side of the gravel lot roughly 100 yards from the kiosk and trail head. Whoever did this had some serious balls to pull this off in the middle of the day.

My credit card had 3 charges that evening totaling only $58 and all the charges were in the vicinity of RT 16 Brookshire Freeway. Fortunately, I was able to cancel the card quickly once I got home and called the stolen card dept. with MasterCard. Hopefully this guy tried to use my card again after I reported it stolen and was caught, but who knows. I think it would be a very good idea to inform USNWC and the rest of the trailblazers of this event and encourage patrons to be on the lookout and also not to carry a large quantity of valuable items in the vehicles when they go to the park. In this case, the only thing of value in my truck was my wallet, and I will be carrying that in my camelback from now on.

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