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Doin' The Monbo!
From Jeff Archer...See y'all on Saturday morning?

Did anyone out there make a New Year's Resolution to get more involved in the community and get some volunteer hours in???.......boy, are you in luck!! We will be resuming construction of the Monbo Loop starting January 6 and working every Saturday and Sunday until it is finished. The Dirt Divas and Tarheel Trailblazers will once again be helping us out on a monthly basis and have scheduled January 6 and February 24 so far.

The Monbo Loop is about 6.25 miles long and will bring the total mileage of the Itusi Trail to about 13 miles. We have finished approximately 4.5 miles of the loop so there is just about 1.75 miles left to groom plus a few rock projects. Just imagine being able to ride 13 unique miles this is the time to make it happen. bOb spend the past week getting some machine work done so we will have plenty of handwork to do. Finishing the machine-cut tread is much less back-breaking and is very rewarding since you can move forward rapidly. No more spending 2 hours on a 20 foot long section!

We will still be meeting at the old homestead site, through gate #9. If you enter the park through the main gate on State Park Road, just continue past the existing trail head to St. Johns Road, take a right on St. Johns and the gate is a couple hundred feet up on your right side. You are able to ride the Monbo Loop on the day that you volunteer but keep in mind that the Monbo Loop is NOT open. It is a $145 trespassing ticket and unfortunately, several folks have found out the hard way.

See ya in the woods!

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