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IMBA visit update
The Subaru / IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Charlotte May 3rd and 4th was a big success for the mountain bike trails in the Charlotte area and for the Tarheel Trailblazers who take care of them. About 30 people attended the classroom session and trail assessment on Saturday and about 20 people came out to Renaissance Park on Sunday to learn the techniques of rock armouring on the trails. News Channel 14 even showed up and did a surprise piece on the day's work. Much light was shed on ways to determine whether particular erosion problems are caused by the users of the trail or by water on the trail. We learned ways to mitigate damage to existing trails and how to design future trails in a way that should prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Many Thanks! go out to Scott and Aaryn from the Subaru / IMBA Trail Care Crew, to Woody Keane from the Blue Ridge Bike Club and to Bob Karriker from the Lake Norman State Park Project. They all shared their experience with us and Woody also shared his new toy with us, the amazing Ibex mechanized trail building machine. From him, we also got a hands on demonstration of how to construct some Appalachian armouring. The ancient art of stone pitching was used to stabilize the trail on the entry and exit from our wet creek crossing and the value of rolling grade dips to divert storm water flow was realized.

The recent rains have played havoc on our trails, but we can still keep them maintained by using some of these new methods. Most importantly though, we must discourage others from riding on the trails when they are still wet. DON'T RIDE FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER RAINFALL is the message we must get into everybody's heads. We were amazed and discouraged by the fact that people were still on the trail last Tuesday evening even after it had rained heavily that afternoon.

Please help us to get this message across to people before we are forced to close the trails because of our own abuse.

We look forward to seeing you all out on the trails soon! Thanks.

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