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Trailblazers Release First Official Map
The Trailblazers have received their fist shipment of our USNWC trail map! We hope this will be the first of an inclusive library of all of our trails. We will be selling the maps ($2 each) through the USNWC and your favorite local bike shop.

We are currently working on our second map, Col. Francis Beatty.

Many thanks are in order for the volunteers that have donated their time and talents to make the USNWC map a reality: Dan Burns has done a tremendous job of taking the raw GPS trail information and including it in a map that is accurate, informative and stunningly beautiful. Ivan Konermann has spearheaded the effort as project manager and has collected the GPS trail data. Cathie Docherty has donated the action image of Patty Smith as our cover photo. And special thanks to Mike, Lance and Jeff at the USNWC who bent and rolled with us to get make this dream a reality.

Check them out at you LBS...

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