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Help Needed For Riverfront Race!
Yo Trailblazers!!!! HELP...HELP......HELP!!!

It's that time of the year again, the Catawba Riverfront Classic is this weekend at the US National Whitewater Park. The Riverfront is a fundraiser for the club and we need your help in making the event a success. We plan to use the entire loop for the race. For the most part, the trail is in great shape but there are a few spots that need a little TLC.

Action Items:
We need a person to lead trail work on Saturday morning at 8:30AM. I am planning to be at the park on Friday and Saturday after lunch to mark course. I plan to get the bulk of the trail marked on Friday so people can pre-ride the race course. If you would like to help with trail marking or can lead trailwork, shoot me an email at We plan to use the fire road that crosses the carpet trail as the start of the race(it needs to be trimmed back). Racers will start at the bottom of the fire road hill and climb towards the parking lot, then descend the hill once it opens up on the power lines, cross the culvert, turn left onto the gravel entrance and into the beginning of the single track. We will use the same finish the Cowbell crew used. Once you come onto the power lines, near the end of the trail, instead of turning left and the fast descent through the tight cutover under the power lines, participants will stay straight and descend the fast gully(old burned out truck ravine) and head straight towards the parking lot on the outside of the gravel. This will eliminate two way traffic on the entrance to the trails. The finish line will be in the parking lot, beside the entrance to the trail. For those classes racing multiple laps, the participants will U-turn and head back down the gravel entrance for their second and third laps.

Day of the event.
We plan to be at the park by 7:00AM for set up. We need club members for set up, to run registration, park cars, fill water coolers, assist with finish line and results, preride the course and serve as course marshals. Course will basically just ride the course during the race helping anyone who may be hurt or watching for people cutting the course. We will have EMS onsite.

Plan for the day:
7:00AM Club members arrive
8:00AM Registration Open
9:00AM First set of races
3:00PM Begin Breakdown of the course.
4:00PM Drink a cold beer at the Eddy!!!

If you can't help the whole day, we appreciate any and all time spent helping at the race. Come on out for half day.

Last be definitely not least, encourage a friend to come out to the race. If every member in the club encouraged just one person to participate in the event, we could have a huge turnout. Info on the event can be found at The course is absolutely great condition and it looks like its going to be nice this weekend.

Thanks a bunch. I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.


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