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Trail Conditions
We have experienced an inordinate amount of rain in the past several months, and our trail system has suffered immensely from continued use, even when wet. I have been riding mountain bikes since 1992, and have never dealt with the weather that we are now experiencing. Just like you, I would love to ride the trails. However, common sense dictates that riding in wet sloppy conditions ruins the trail, not only for others, but for you as well.

We generally have utilized a 24 Hour Rule, where if it has rained in the past 24 hours, we request that you dont ride the trails. Because of the incredible amount of rain that we have experienced, we request that you utilize good judgment, and ride ONLY when the trails have dried. We are fighting constant erosion issues at all of our parks, and of the parks that we maintain, North Mecklenburg has seemingly taken the hardest hit. The trail needs to be closed to riders until we can reroute, and repair the trails to a more sustainable condition. Your assistance in all of the above suggestions would be immeasurably appreciated, not only by the club, but by non-members too. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and for assisting in assuring that our park system delivers viable riding for years to come.

The education of riders will help us to keep them off the trail in poor conditions. If you are working on the trail and riders pass, take a minute, and I strongly stress this point, politely explain the situation, and the damage that they are causing. Make them aware of the fact that these trails are built and maintained by volunteers, mountain bike enthusiasts just like them. Invite them to participate in ownership of the trail by becoming a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Please read the SIGNS about riding after a rain.

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