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Mtn Trikes Arrive!
The two hand powered mountain trikes arrived at The Cycle Path yesterday and Mark has already put 'em together and they are ready to go! We have planned an outing at the Jetton Park trail this Saturday, March 22nd starting at 10:00 am where the trikes will be available for use. We have asked several adaptive use organizations in the area to try to get some of their interested members out to the park Saturday to try out the trikes. I sure don't see why anyone who has an interest in giving them a try shouldn't go for it. I know I want to.

These are hand-built, sophisticated machines that are sure to impress. They have dual Phil Woods hubs up front, Avid BB5 mechanical disk brakes all around (3!), incorporate a gearing reduction ratio of 1350 to 1 and a mid-chassis coupling that allows then to be easily broken down into 2 pieces for transportation.

I'd like to ask our members to consider donating some necessary accessories for first time/new riders to use the trikes. We can keep them at the Cycle Path where the bikes will be stored and available for use by physically challenged users. I figure we could use 3 or 4 helmets (Adult SM, Med (2?) and LG) and the same for gloves. We also should have some protective eyewear available. (The Trikes are adjustable to accommodate different sized users, but at this time we are not sure if the trikes will be usable by smaller kids.) If you are interested, contact Mark Sullivan at the Cycle Path (704.896.3331) to make arrangements. Also, there is definitely an opportunity here for someone with some creative ideas about how we can make it easier for the physically challenged users to transport the trikes to and from the trailhead- say with a specially designed "trike rack" or by pursuing donations for a trailer, etc. If someone or a group could take on this challenge, it would be really great!

I want to recognize our past president Tom Mathews for his vision and commitment to realizing both the Jetton Trail and the acquisition of the Mountain trikes. In conjunction with Greg Jackson and the Mecklenburg Park and Recreation Department, Tom saw the need for an adaptive use trail and an opportunity for the Trailblazers to make a real difference in our community. We should all be proud, and thankful.

Don't forget, the Grand Opening ceremony for the Jetton Park Trail and the formal introduction of the trikes will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday April 5th. This will be a celebration and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Jim G.

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