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On Sunday the 15th, about 10 to 12 Trailblazers returned to Catawba for a good day of trailwork. The main goal was to work on mudholes and get them draining. We worked the trail in reverse and made it back to the figure eight in the back of the park before wearing out in the heat. There are two races scheduled at Catawba this week: Charlotte MTB Series on Wednesday night and The Cowbell Classic 12-hour race on Saturday. The weather is looking good for this Friday and Saturday which will be good for the 12-hour race. In order to put some finishing touches on the course, Let's plan to meet at Catawba this Friday, June 20th starting at 4:00pm or after you get off work. People will be setting up for camping and for the race, so it should be a good time. If you get there later and want to know where to go or what to do, call Frank P.'s cell phone at 704-577-2517. Bring your bike and ride back to where we will be working; it will save time and energy.

North Meck:
Tom M. is organizing a regular Monday night trailwork series at 6:00 pm. Check the website for details or just show up with a shovel and help them out!

Be careful riding there: several bridges are OUT and it will be a while until they can be fixed.

Plans are rolling to get some Freeride structures in place out there in some of the swampy areas to add some new elements of fun. More on that later as plans solidify.

Thanks for hanging in there and NOT riding the trails when they are wet.

Please respond to the upcoming calls for trailwork because there is MUCH MORE work needed to get the trails back in shape after all this rain we've had.

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