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Membership Drive! New Incentives!
It’s time to renew your Tarheel Trailblazer membership!

Many of you know that over the last few years we have encouraged our members to renew at the first of the new year. This is basically a means to keep it simple for us as we don't have an automated member renewal notice system. This also helps our budget process. Therefore, we encourage everyone to renew at this time. This is also a perfect time for new members to join.

Please don't fret - everyone's membership is good for a full year from when they joined or last renewed! If you want to wait to renew until 365 days since you joined or last renewed, by all means please do so. We just would encourage those that can, to renew now.

We're adding membership levels this year to encourage giving. Yea, times ARE tough, and we haven't raised the dues for our basic individual and family memberships. But please give a few extra dollars if you can. We will spend it in the right places. (And besides, if you haven’t heard, our past President, current Co-Vice President and several of their cronies have sworn off beer for the first quarter of this year so your money is safe from that fate! Kind of fun to watch 'em suffer too.)

2009 Membership Levels:

Basic Membership $20
Fat Tire Family $25
Middle Ring Supporter $40
Trailbuilder $60
Big Ring Supporter $100
Corporate Singletrack $200
Corporate Big Air $500
Corporate Mojo Sponsor $1,000

Middle Ring Supporters will all receive a Tarheel Trailblazers T-shirt. The shirt is currently in the design phase, but all new and renewing individual memberships that reach the $40 level (including family memberships that pay $40) will get a voucher to receive a T-shirt when they are printed. The T-shirts will only be available for pick up at monthly meetings and at other Trailblazer events; we won't be able to mail these to you. (We’ll do our best to make them easily available, but remember, this is a fundraiser.)

(Please note: Our Web page form doesn't yet reflect the new payment levels, but we will get you a T-shirt voucher when you pay electronically at the Middle Ring Supporter level, or above).

To encourage corporate memberships we will apply both cash donations and in-kind services toward corporate memberships. We want to be able to recognize our local bike shops and other corporate supporters who give of themselves and their services to support the club. (This will not apply to special fundraisers for the club which provide promotional exposure to our sponsors such as jersey sales and other club fundraising events. Please contact us with related questions or for sponsorship opportunities.)

1. If you have PayPal, use the Web signup form on the Home Page* (don’t forget to include your family member’s names for family memberships, e-mail and address, etc.! We can’t get you your renewal without it.) (*Once again, our Web page form doesn't yet reflect the new payment levels, but we will get you a T-shirt voucher when you pay electronically at the Middle Ring Supporter level, or above);
2. Mail your check (including family members names, current e-mail, and address…) to:
Tarheel Trailblazers
3611 Woody Grove Lane
Charlotte, NC 28210
3. Bring your cash or check to our February meeting Thursday February 5th at Fuel Pizza. (By the way, for those still reading, there will be MASSIVE, really MASSIVE incentives for both new and renewing members to attend February’s meeting. More on that in another message – see you there!)

The Board, Executive Officers and I want to heartily thank everyone for your support, both financially and otherwise.

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