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NC Mountain Bike Summit
On Saturday, May 30, 2009, a group of NC-based mountain bike clubs (including the host Trailblazers) got together at Lake Norman State Park to exchange ideas and promote a "united front" to land managers. It was great to see folks from across the state get together to share their success stories and provide inspiration for the others in attendance. Darrell McBane (NC state trails coordinator) and Tim Johnson (WNC trails coordinator) joined Casey Rhinehart (LANO Superintendent) to give us the states perspective on mountain bike trails.

Notes from the May 30, 2009 Meeting

The meeting goal was to establish a North Carolina Mountain Bike Coalition in order to develop a comprehensive mountain bike trails proposal for North Carolina state and local agencies.

In order to accomplish this goal, the summit needed to establish a committee responsible for writing this proposal to deliver to State Parks, Wildlife Resources Commission, and other applicable State and local agencies.

In consideration of this goal and objectives, the summit produced the following:
Mission Statement
The North Carolina Mountain Bike Alliance (NCMBA) is dedicated to working with land managers in North Carolina to expand, enhance, and maintain mountain bike opportunities in the state.

Organizational Structure
The NCMBA is open to all organized mountain clubs, associations, alliances in the North Carolina. There are no membership fees, by-laws, or budgetary requirements or responsibilities. The International Mountain Bike Association and the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (IMBA-SORBA) will assist, advise, and partner with the NCMBA while the NCMBA adheres to its mission statement and the IMBA and SORBA mission statements.

The NCMBA will be directed by a steering committee chosen by organized mountain biking clubs, associations, and alliances participating at NCMBA meetings.

The steering committee, selected at the May 30th meeting, is:
Van Rogers, Western North Carolina
Travis Stewart, Central North Carolina
Cliff Swanson, Eastern North Carolina

Action Items
The steering committee is charged with certain responsibilities that grew out the discussions.

To create a comprehensive list of mountain bikers needs and desires that should include
• Trail construction standards
• Desired mileage
• Trailhead facilities

To create a comprehensive list of what assistance mountain organizations (the NCMBA) can offer land managers that should include:
• Trail maintenance guidelines
• New standards for best management practices that would consider
o Shared use
o Regional model trails or ride centers
o Risk management

A document needs to be created that clearly states what the NCMBA would like to have and what it can offer in return. This document will serve to create solid partnerships with land managing agencies, which, in return, will create more mountain biking opportunities in North Carolina.

Other Important Points
The NCMBA steering committee will consult with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources to create this document.

Darrell McBane, the NCDENR State Trails Coordinator, expressed a desire to assist with this undertaking, indicating that among other things, he would be happy to discuss past problems in mountain bike/land manger dealings and help find solutions to point the way to more positive outcomes for all.

It was also pointed out that the steering committee should begin to gather an archive of success stories, letters of recommendation, and photos into a portfolio.

Also, SORBA will look into the possibility of creating a NCMBA forum on its website so that the members of the NCMBA can communicate effectively as it works toward accomplishin

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