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Trailblazer Annual Report 2009

Its that time of year again when we ask all of our members to renew their memberships and to encourage the rest of the local mountain biking community to become members of the club. If you joined or renewed at another point in time during the last year, your membership is good for a full 12 months. We just encourage everyone who can to rejoin at this time so we can reduce our membership renewal efforts and better plan our annual budget.

The Tarheel Trailblazers’ mission statement is: To provide our members and our communities the best possible opportunities to enjoy mountain biking.

We do this by:
• Aggressively and diligently maintaining, and improving and protecting the numerous trail systems available for our use in and around the greater Charlotte region.
• Being the voice of Advocacy for Mountain Bikers.
• Continuously looking for new locations to develop trail systems in and around Charlotte.
• Providing a clearing house of information on rides and other activities related to Mountain Biking.

To be sure you understand why we really need your continuing support, I’d like to give you a recap of our trail related efforts in 2009 and our ongoing activity to continue to expand our regional trail system.

Lake Norman State Park. We provided $10,000 in club funds to complete the majority of the mechanized work on the new 4.75 mile Laurel Loop. Under the direction of the Trailblazers North membership, the new loop was completed and opened on January 2. This brings the total single track mileage at LNSP to 18 miles. Next Steps: Phase IV (b) (approximately 4.5 miles) is flagged and we are seeking funding for the mechanized trail cutting work. North members are also negotiating with the State for a Phase 5 contract which could add an additional 10 plus miles of new trail. This is already a significant regional trail and has the potential to become a major draw for mountain bikers throughout the southeast.

U.S. National Whitewater Center. The Center worked extensively with a property owner adjacent to the park to obtain access to land for additional trails. Together with the Center, the Trailblazers managed the layout and construction of the new 4 mile Green Trail on this adjacent property. This new trail provides a great beginner trail experience at the Center, which remains the only trail center in the region where beginners can rent trail bikes. Total single track mileage at the Whitewater Center is now approximately 15 miles. Next Steps: County property adjacent to the green trail has been earmarked for new construction that could soon add 3 to 4 miles of additional new trail. There are also discussions underway to possibly develop alternative style riding at the Whitewater Center. Stay tuned!

Southwest Park. The club obtained a $5,000 grant from REI and another $5,000 Adopt-A-Trail grant from North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and also spent $2,000 of the club’s funds to develop and open this brand new 3 mile trail. REI also donated 5 or 6 brand new Navaro bikes to the Dirt Divas who in turn presented them to Trips For Kids for use at the Recreation Center located at this park. This is a huge, multi-organizational effort that has created a fantastic new amenity for this fragile neighborhood, and continues the ongoing revitalization of this community. Try this new trail – you’ll like it! There remains a lot of potential at this trail for a skills area, advanced lines and added mileage.

Fisher Farm. The club negotiated a contract with the adjacent landowner (Mr. Fisher himself!) to access additional acreage to expand this trail by over a mile. REI provided a $7,000 grant (yea, them again!!) to pay for the mechanized trail cut as well as needed bridging. Mark laid out an aggressive trail line, Water bOb sliced the dirt, boulders were moved and volunteers dressed the trai

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