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2010 Cackalacky Cup
Are you looking for something a little different and super fun to do in the dirt?
Look no further.........

Saturday, August 21
Cackalacky Cup Mountain Bike Time Trial
Lake Norman State Park
Presented by First Flight Bikes

The 2010 Cackalacky Cup presented by First Flight Bikes will be highlighted by two very different mountain bike time trials and a
afternoon of fun and games. The first time trial will be a technical time trial held on the four mile Hawk Loop. There will be four
different obstacles on the course. The second time trial will be an all out speed time trial. The winners will be determined by
the combined times of both time trials.

The "technical time trial" on the Hawk Loop will be made up four different race obstacles: two slaloms sections built with six inch
cones, a double limbo and an ten foot long skinny elevated only a four to five inches off the ground. Time deductions will be
handed out to those hit knock over cones, knock off the limbo stick or do not ride the full length of the skinny.

The "all out speed" time trial will be held on the Monbo Loop and will be just exactly as it reads, the fastest to complete the lap.

Combined times of the two different mountain bike time trails will take home the coveted Cackalacky Cup trophies.

Registration is open!
There is no race day registration for the Cackalacky Cup.

Online registration will be open until 5PM Friday evening before the race. Start times will be posted on the website Friday
evening. This event will be capped at 200 registrants.

Lunch is also included in your registration.

If you are making plans for the Cackalacky Cup, please remember there is no race day registration. Only pre-registration. We will
post all start times on Friday evening. or to register, visit


Neal Boyd

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