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North Meck Update - FLASH! BOOM!
That's about all I can say about the grand finale to tonight's trail session at N. Meck..But first the good stuff...I picked up the quad and hit the trail around 2:00, Neal joined me around three...We moved several dump loads with the quad, before the rest of the work crew arrived...All in all, we had +/- 10 volunteers join in the fun...We finished graveling the upper power line crossing, then dumped gravel at the second bridge as you approach the sandy creek...Sand harvested from the creek bed last week seemed to be doing the trick in eliminating standing water...Neal headed a crew that worked the last two small 8X8 bridges, putting in several tons of gravel and sacrete, thus raising the trail to what we hope will be above flood level...Then the fun began...As the skies threatened we debated on just one for load of gravel...Then BOOM, our decision was made for us...Driving the quad down hwy 115 in a major deluge is a trip at best...The lightning came as fiercely as the rain, but we made it (along with a park employee driving a Gator) back to the parking lot...Special thanks to Kim, David, Dodo, Adam and Jason, as we braved the elements to load and secure the quad and the tools...My thanks to EVERYONE who came out tonight, as we moved a good 2/3 of the latest gravel dump...Now if it doesn't just wash away...

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