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August Meeting Update
A load of interesting subjects were discussed Thursday nite at the Trailblazers meeting. 38 riders attended the meeting. First and foremost are the current trail conditions and we continue to request restraint and good judgment when going to the trails. The rains have saturated the parks, and more is on the way. Grab a shovel, drain a hole or two, or jump on your road bike until conditions improve.
Our yearly fundraiser, the Cane Creek Cup Series is to be held at Catawba, September 6 and 7. Volunteers are needed to man registration, act as course marshals, and any number of other personal needs. If you are positive that you can help, please contact Jason Huffstetler at and I will forward your info to the proper place. Check in at registration and tell them that you would like to help, and youll be put to work. Please check our website for updates as we draw closer to the race weekend.

Some interesting new developments were also unveiled last meeting. The Marion Diehl/Queens College deal appears to be set in stone, but according to Jack Crouch, CMUD (Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department) will be demolishing three tanks at the Tyvola treatment plant and a parking area for mountain bikers will be constructed. While we will be losing woods and trails along the north side of Tyvola, we have been assured that we can continue to build trails on the south side of Tyvola, all the way back to Park Road Park. According to Jack, 10  12 miles of trail could easily be constructed on the property.

Additionally, the Charlotte Whitewater Park is moving forward. It is interesting to note that at this time the plan will be to place the new facility on the east side of Catawba on land currently owned by Trueschler. That would place the park between I-85 and the park proper (left side of the two track, as you leave the parking lot), hopefully ensuring no development on the trails.

From Jack Crouch: I misunderstood a comment about where the whitewater park is going. The location I spoke of at the end of Heavy Equipment School past the powerline on the left is simply one of the several options that warrant more study and evaluation. The final decision is an engineering one and one that will be made in due time. It is true however that Trutzschler has wanted to do a land swap with the Parks and Recs for a long time. I love that small forest and hope it might happen as a result of the future Whitewater Park! Sorry for the misdirection,Jack

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 4. We hope to see you there!

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