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Catawba Update
The Trailblazers' monthly meeting on Aug. 7th went well and we went out to Catawba on Sat. am as planned to do trailwork. Conditions were wet so we decided to work on the Toilet bowl / Practice loop near the parking lot. There was water standing in every hole, so we labored to remove ALL of the loose material from each of the holes and scraped them down to hard dirt. We then dug 12" wide drains from each hole and made them as long as they needed to be so that any water hitting the holes would be forced to drain away from it. (Very Important Last Step!) We were very careful NOT to put any fill dirt back into the holes! (Doing so only makes the problem worse!) After walking the trail on Tuesday with Brian P., I'm happy to say that our work paid off and there was virtually NO water standing in the holes that we worked on! It's very hard work, but when done correctly, it seems to be an effective way of eliminating the mudholes. Now, if we can only get people to stop riding their planned rides on the wet trails, then maybe our hard work won't be quickly undone.

The plan is to continue this trailwork process each Saturday until the big Cane Creek Cup Race on Sept. 6th and 7th. I cannot personally lead the work each Sat., so I'm asking for trailwork volunteer leaders to step up and take a Saturday between now and then. Please e-mail me at and let me know when you can lead a trailwork day so that we can arrange to get you the tools that you will need. If you've ever done trailwork with us before and can follow the steps outlined above, then you're qualified! Pop me an e-mail and let's get it lined up.

The Observer ran articles today (Wed., Aug. 13th) on the front page about the whitewater park and on the front page of the local section about the Queens College Athletic facility at Marion Diehl Park. We may as well join our forces with the powers that be so that we can hopefully guide these development projects to include trails for our use. With millions of dollars being offered to the Parks for these projects, it looks as though they will be fast-tracked as much as possible. Hang in there and let's hope for the best. We may actually come out on top with MORE land being made available for mountain bike trails if we don't scream our opposition too loudly.

Thanks for listening, and please plan to spend one or more of the next few Saturday mornings doing trailwork at Catawba. Ride on! Frank Pietras

P.S. Ride on! your road bike that is, while the trails are still wet.

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