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A funny thing happened on the way to the office...
Here I am, munching on my Quaker Oat Squares, jamming to WNCW, sipping a little coffee, talking on the cell with Cathy...Thinking of the possibilities of an evening ride at Lake Norman State Park, weather looking cooperative, man its been a while since I had been on the mountain bike and I was looking forward to hammering it&When suddenly I hear it&That unmistakable sound...You know the one, the sound that a Bontrager Race Lite front wheel makes when it departs your Yakima rack at 75 mph on I-77...Oh the joy! As I peered through the rear view mirror, the little Mitsubishi behind me was taking evasive action as the wheel hopped over the roof of the car and out of sight...HOLY SH*T!

Quickly taking the next exit (36 in Mooresville) and acknowledging the middle finger of the Mitsubishi driver, (and a ton of others that wanted to make certain that I knew that I had just ejected a projectile into the oncoming traffic) my mind was racing...Lake Norman ride out the window, before I even make it to the trail head...Unicycling my Sugar at Tsali this weekend, was not an option, but I was wanting to upgrade to discs - so maybe, hmmm...Hey wait a minute...MAYBE, just MAYBE it's not road kill! Or MAYBE it was...My checking account balance was dancing through my head&

I spun around heading south to exit 33 and started my quest for the illusive BLACK wheel w/a GREEN tire...I was thinking it was probably going to be like a chameleon hiding in the tall grass and virtually invisible, or maybe even floating like a skinny doughnut on Lake Norman...Tubing anyone?

But wait, what's that in the distance? Could it be? Yes! There it is! My wayward front wheel leaning, pretty-as-you please, against the inner guardrail...Playing Frogger in real life in rush hour traffic isn't my forte, but I successfully traversed the traffic and retrieved my $350 wheel and tire...And believe it or not, not a scratch on it! And as true as the day I got it!

I ruined a perfectly good pair of BVDs (if you catch my drift), but I did rescue my beloved Race Lite wheel&You can be sure that there will be a bungee cord to add a little extra piece of mind to my future bicycle transportation&

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