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Taking One For The Team; The Catawba Battle Rages
There's still trouble in the land and fear in the air out there-- I have seen the enemy, and it is a bug.

I met Frankie a Catawba on Saturday afternoon for some trail work, and we were getting some good things done for a couple hours. But, at some point, we upset a nest of yellow jackets who took exception to our intrusion into whatever it was they were doing, and got very angry with us. The first shot came in my neck, and for a couple of stings we couldn't figure out what was happening, but then it quickly became clear we were under siege, and far outnumbered, and were forced to retreat at a mighty pace. We took a few of them out, but not enough and they got the better of us by far. Insecticide isn't easy when there's more than one of them. I took 12-18 stings (stopped counting the wounds and couldn't see them all), Frankie only took three, so that meant he had to go back and get our backpacks. I would like to point out that those little things are cowards, they only get you in the back (of course, maybe the fact that we were running away meant that was all that was exposed to them).

Back at our command post I resorted to some cold elixirs to help take care of the wounds, and we then went back to HQ Moosehead for some more serious attention. The pain slowly subsided to a dull burning sensation, and now it's just a horrible itching on all the welts (imagine HUGE mosquito bites).

The topical medication isn't working, and I fear I'll have to resort to a more serious form of behavioral pharmacology to get me through this. They got me on the back, the neck, the back of my arms, and the back of my head where the hat wasn't covering me. At least I had heavy work pants on, or the legs would've been hit too. Right now my back looks like a relief map of the mountains in Nepal.

If these things are carriers of that dreaded West Meck Virus, I'm a goner for sure, and I expect and trust you will all act like sharks in the feeding tank while you divvy up my stuff. Next time you ride out there, take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of others, and then ride fast so they don't get you too!

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