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Da Bomb!
That's what North Meck Park is - right now...The trail has absolutely NO MUD, and if anything, it could use a little water to bed in some of the newly laid gravel...So far, we have spead over 30 tons of crush and run, raised trailbeds in vital areas, armored high water drainage areas, and, at least for right now, it is working!

Kim Rodden and I are planning on working a few problem areas (erosion) in the pine forest behind the swim club on Sat am...We are planning on graveling and placing 12 X 12 X 2 landscape pavers (concrete) in the area to armor it...We have been successful w/flagstone and sacrete now we're going to try the pavers...They are easier to move around in the woods (hell, anything is easier to move than 80# bags of sacrete!) and are resonably priced...

Joe Gibbs Racing and Home Depot, have hinted of another monetary donation, the extra cash for materials has been a big help...

The Wed race series comes to N. Meck, the week after next, and I'd love to feature the best race course of the year...We'll be back out again, next Monday nite (8/25) at 6:00, if you'd care to join us...

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