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North Meck Update
Last Saturday, we worked in the upper pine forest, repairing the sharp right handed turn at the bottom of the short downhill shoot, just over the smaller log crossing. We removed the mud, packed in gravel and armored the area with concrete pavers. There is a little more work at this location to complete this area. We worked in a grade dip at the base of a bowl configuration, to shed water off the trail, as opposed to allowing it to puddle and pool organic material. We excavated a bad hole at the top of the ensuing climb, digging a trench for piping, packing in the hole with gravel, and armoring the surface with flagstone.

Well, once again the Monday nite turnout is dwindling, but we are getting much more proficient with our smaller work crews. I'm hopeful that EVERYONE has been going to Catawba to prepare the trails for the upcoming Cane Creek Cup Race (Sept. 6 and 7th). We attacked the swamp area, just before the second powerline crossing. We trenched for three PVC waterflow pipes, placed 18 bags of sacrete to raise the trailbed, then packed in crush and run gravel. We came up a little shy on sacrete and gravel, but we have already restocked and the materials have been taken to work area to complete the job. Kim worked two problem areas, just before the exit from the woods in the same area, putting in run-off beds, removing the organic mess and replacing it with packed gravel. The park is ordering our third dump of crush and run gravel.

For photographs detailing the North Meck effort, click here.

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