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From Our Trailblazer Feedback Forum
Question: Does your club have any teenagers involved? My son would be interested and if he is welcome I would join as well.
(Name withheld)

Answer: Thanks for writing....

The Trailblazers are an active trail building and maintanence club...While we do have teenagers involved, most are the children of adult members...Unfortunately, as males, we can't seem to get the social aspect of the sport into our club...We can and do, however, build and maintain the trails...Which is where you and your son can plug in...My feelings are that you need to give something back to something you love (ie., mountain biking)...Taking ownership of a trail, not only through riding, but through work, gives an unparralleled feeling of accomplishment...I try to teach my children about giving back, and this is one of the best ways I can think of...

So in my opinion, I think that you joining the club would benefit your son, teaching him that to get, you first have to give...You are exactly the kind of individual we are looking for...I hope one day that I can pass the torch to my 15 year old son, that he will see the benefit of a little work for a big payoff...We'd love to have you contribute, and have you son involved, too...

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