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Survey Sez!
An intrepid group met on Saturday at North Meck Park to survey the available park land for trail expansion. Josh Taylor (yes, the M-Uni riding Zod) led our team with his knowledge of Digital Carthology. Utilizing GPS, aerial survey and topo maps, we were able to locate park boundaries. It appears that the expansion will happen in phases, as we may be able to eek out an additional 2 miles of trail. The first phase will start at the top of the climb, behind the neighborhood / swim club, just before turning right to the big log. We can probably place ½ to ¾ of a mile of additional trail at that location. Phase 2 will require bridges to cross the creek that flows across the property. Phase 3 and 4 will be somewhat remote and may require some exposed riding. But one thing at a time here. As the leaves start to fall, stay tuned for updates about Phase 1 trail layout, and a call for the trail gnomes to start carving the trail.

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