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Locked Topic Market Place Posting/Bumping (Read 3526 times)
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Market Place Posting/Bumping
09/14/10 at 11:31pm
Just a note to all user of the Market Place section of this forum.

The Market Place recieves 70% more post than any other section of this forum. Your add is important, but so is everyone elses. 

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Duplicate Type Posts / Bumping Posts will be removed if they have been posted to more than 1 board. Posting the same message to multiple boards is spam, and all posts may be removed and the user may lose privileges. Please post to the most relevant board only, no more than 1. 

Threads that keep getting "bumped" back to the top with "Hey, bumping this post back up" or " Still for Sale" going to Ebay etc. etc. type posts will be locked or removed . If you do not have anything new/informative to add to the post, please do not attempt to "bump" a thread just to keep it at the top. Any post that are not relevant to the item being sold may be removed, and the add locked. This includes post from user other than the original poster. All "Shill" post will be removed and may result in the original add becoming locked. If you have any questions about a add, we recommend using a Private Message or contact the sellar by email. DO NOT clog up the Market Place with converstion about a item that can be done privately. Please respect the Original Posters add, any post with "Here is a better deal" type post will be removed.  If a post is locked DO NOT attempt to repost it. Contact a moderator privately if you have any questions.

If your items gets sold, please feel free to add a SOLD post on the end of the thread
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