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Help wanted: Trail Co-coordinator
05/17/15 at 7:39pm
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The situation: I have been the Trail Work Cordinator out at Beatty for five years now. In that time a lot has changed and I am finding that I have less time to give to the trail than it needs. Additionally, we are just ramping up with a fundraiser of massive proportions to benefit some serious trail improvements and amenities in the form of our pump/flow complex.

What I need: someone to step in and take ownership and initiative for a lot of what I currently do at the trail. None of it is rocket science and all of it can be easily taught/learned. I need someone who will organize/lead work days to clear drains, trim back face slippers, and refresh dirt structures such as berms, jumps, and rollovers.

What is expected: Time commitment varies with needs and season, but one weekend workday per month (approx 3 hours) as well as one after-work work day per month during the months where light permits.

It would be helpful if candidates had some trail work experience but it is not completely necessary. I will be happy to train and we of course have all of the tools needed for whatever comes your way.

Think about it. It's a great chance to give back and  it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like in the time I have occupied this position we have really improved the quality of the user experience out at Beatty. I certainly don't want to walk away from the trail, but I just don't have the time to give it that I once did.  Let me know if you are willing and able to step up. I (we) will be very appreciative of your selflessness.
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