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LNSP Riders
02/14/18 at 8:38pm
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LNSP Riders, 

Lake Norman State Park saw over 960k in visitation last year. And with an increase in visitation we could easily break 1 Million in the next several years. If you approximate a little over 10% of our visitors ride the trails—we are looking at close to 100k riders in 2017. Which is easily the Trailblazers most heavily used trail system. All the maintenance on the trails is performed by a couple of devoted volunteers. We cannot thank the volunteers enough for making LNSP a destination for mountain bikers throughout the state, region, and country. But, those volunteers could always use some help. LNSP trails rely heavily on volunteer efforts. Don’t be afraid to lend a hand! Scheduled workdays set up by the Tarheel Trailblazers are the best way to start getting involved. 

Don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’ to your friendly ranger staff, too. Supt. Greg, Ranger Jarid, Amy, Chase, and Will are there to help you guys out when you need it. Ranger Will is an avid mountain biker and you will see him out riding on the trails. Ranger Chase is new to the park and hopes to get on the saddle ASAP. 

We would like to answer some questions which have been brought to our attention over the last several months. 

1.)      What do I do when a tree is down? The State Parks require a state chainsaw certification which, unfortunately, our volunteers do not have. The best way to report a downed tree is to take note of its location (between what 2 red emergency signs) and report the downed tree to the Visitor Center in person or by phone. 

2.)      What can the Rangers do if they catch an individual riding a closed trail? Riding a closed trail is considered a crime. Rangers have the authority to arrest or cite those doing such a thing. Most crimes in a State Park are Class 3 Misdemeanor and are arrestable offenses. (This goes for drinking alcohol, cutting down a tree, parking in an area not designated for parking, etc.) 

3.)      The park has plans for prescribed burns. LNSP still hopes to bring controlled fire to the park in the near future. Controlled fire is something the ecosystem at the park needs and has been needing for decades. Current prescriptions would affect Wildlife, Fox, and Fallstown, and areas directly around the Visitor Center. Fire will help reduce unwanted flora and bring back new life to the area. It will also reduce fuel load and decrease chances of an uncontrolled fire. Don’t be surprised one day if the park is smoky and some trails are closed. Trails would reopen soon after fire. But, first it must stop raining. 

LNSP is looking forward to the Tarheel Trailblazer's Bike-a-thon here March 24! 
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Re: LNSP Riders
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If I ride when the trails are closed during a controlled burn is it still a class 3?
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